Customers Rate Florida Orange Citrus Fruit No. 1

florida oranges


You can buy oranges and grapefruit at your local grocery store. On the internet you’ll find dozens of companies that offer citrus fruit by mail. You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t one orange just like another? Why should I buy from”

In a single word, the answer is quality. At Florida Orange we buy the pick of the crop from Florida’s most outstanding citrus growers. Every Florida Orange order is fresh-picked and hand-selected to ensure that our customers receive only the ripest, juiciest, sweetest, most perfectly formed oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and tangelos produced in the State of Florida. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction with every order of premium Florida citrus fruit we ship.

The best way to judge a product is by what customers have to say. Here’s what Florida Orange customers are saying about our :

“Oranges best I’ve had. Would recommend to anyone!” (B.F., Tennessee} “Just picked taste.” (Clarence, Minnesota) “More uniformity of product in size, shape and color. Far better in flavor!” (Lester, Virginia).

“The fruit was very good. . . . They were so sweet and both had a lot of juice. Your fruit is No. 1. I hope our son will send more next year!” (Gary and Bonnie, Illinois).

Don’t wait until next Christmas to enjoy sweet, juicy Florida oranges, honeybells and grapefruit. Premium, fresh-picked Florida citrus fruit from is so affordably priced you can easily afford to treat yourself to a box of Florida sunshine every month!

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