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Our Guarantee

If you or your recipients are not totally delighted with your product please contact us and we will be delighted to make it right! To speak with a customer care specialist contact us @1-877-736-3352. There is also a Quality Control form inserted in each package to inform us of the satisfaction and the quality of the fruit received.

We make every effort to send each gift as requested, however, in rare instances we may need to make a substitution to your order due to weather or shipment delays. Be assured any item we substitute will be of equal or greater value than the item ordered.

Several Ways to Order

  1. Order by Phone: 1-877-SEND-FLA (1-877-736-3352)
  2. For corporate gift giving please call: 1-877-736-3352
  3. Order by Fax: 1-772-226-3672
  4. For overnight and expedited orders please call us @ 1-877-736-3352 for rates and shipping timelines.

Customer Service hours - Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Time).

    Package Sizes

    Seasonal variations in the sizes and shapes of citrus varieties can affect the weight and number of pieces of fruit that can be packed in each box. Below lists the approximate number of fruit for our standard gift packs.

    1 Tray - All Oranges 12, All Grapefruit 7-11
    2 Tray - All Oranges 24, All Grapefruit 14
    3 Tray - All Oranges 32, All Grapefruit 24
    4 Tray - All Oranges 45, All Grapefruit 32



    *Availability may be extended or shorten depending on the seasons crop.

    We recommend sending the following sizes:

    1 - person... 1 gift tray or taster
    2 to 3 people... 2 gift trays
    3 to 4 people... 3 gift trays
    4 to 6 people... 4 gift trays


    Navel Oranges - Navels are large and round with a deep yellowish-orange color. Navel oranges are usually seedless with a medium- thick peel. for easy peeling. Season: November through mid-January.

    Holiday Red Navels - Red Navels have a deep red flesh and juicy sweet flavor. This unique variety makes it the perfect holiday orange. Season: December

    Tangelos - The Tangelo is a mix between a grapefruit and a tangerine, resulting in a sweet, tangy flavor. They are dark reddish-orange in color and the pebbly textured skin is fairly easy to peel. Season: November through December

    Tangerines - Tangerines are small, dark orange fruits with a smooth, easy-to-peel skin and a deep orange color both inside and outside. They have a rich, sweet flavor and easily segmented for a perfect snacking fruit. Season: November through mid-April

    HoneyBells - HoneyBells are rare hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit, with a bell shaped appearance. HoneyBells have a deep red-orange color, a very sweet flavor, high juice content and have a smooth pebbly textured skin. Season: January

    Temples - The Temple is regarded as Florida's finest eating orange. It has an oval shape with a deep orange color, a rich, juicy flavor with few seeds. The fruit is easy to peel or section. Season: February through mid-March

    Valencias - The Valencia orange has a juicy, rich flavor and aroma. It is medium to large in size, a round to oval shape and a yellow to orange color. The Valencia has a smooth texture with a thin peel and is Florida's favorite juice orange. Season: March through June

    Ruby Red Grapefruit - The Ruby Red Grapefruit is known for its exceptionally intense dark red, seedless interior and sweet flavor with very little bitterness. The skin is smooth and yellow with a hint of blush. Season: November through May

    White Grapefruit - The White Grapefruit are thin skinned, plump and juicy. The White Grapefruit are naturally sweet, flavorful and a favorite of the locals. Season: November through Apri


    Holiday Shipping Schedule

    Listed below are the cut off dates for the upcoming holiday deliveries. Orders must be placed by these dates for the standard shipping delivery.

    Thanksgiving - 11/14/23

    Christmas & Hanukkah delivery cutoff dates:

    Western US States 12/14/23, East Coast 12/15/23, Canada 12/10/23


    Please Note: We recommend ordering early for the holiday seasons to ensure delivery. We do however try our best to ship orders after these dates for the Holiday delivery. Order HoneyBells and we will send a card to your recipients announcing your gift saying "Your HoneyBells will arrive in January!".

    For overnight and expedited orders please call us @ 1-877-736-3352

    Shipping schedule to specialty points for the remainder of the season will be on a monthly basis.

    Last shipment to Canada - April 11th

    How is my fruit shipped?

    This year, your gift will be delivered faster than ever with UPS shipping. Since the packages are shipped UPS we are not able to deliver to PO Boxes. Always use a street address when ordering, and your gift will arrive as fresh as it can be! We cannot guarantee delivery to addresses not recognized by UPS. Our fruit is hand-picked when it is ripened and sent directly to our packing facility for final inspection and order fulfillment. Once the fruit is selected for shipping it is difficult to cancel or change the orders. The delivery time is approximately 5-7 days depending on location of the delivery. Due to weather conditions the delivery time is subject to change.

    Shipping & Handling charges for standard US states is $12.99 per package. Shipping & Handling charges for Canada is $34.99 per package.

    Please Note: We no longer ship to PO Boxes. Please use street addresses for all of your recipients’ delivery info. Ship to addresses must be a deliverable address that the recipients receives incoming UPS deliveries. Requested shipping arrival dates are not guaranteed, but we do make every effort to have your gift arrive near the requested arrival date. There may be delays due to reasons beyond our control. We cannot ship to APO addresses.

    Why can't Florida Citrus be sent to my state?

    We cannot ship gifts to Alaska or Hawaii. Shipments to Arizona, Texas, California and Louisiana have special restrictions for shipping Florida Citrus. Because these states also grow and ship citrus a very special set of guidelines are required and follow a special shipping schedule on preselected dates each month. For additional information on shipping to these states please contact our customer service center 1-877-736-3352.

    No expedited shipping is available for Canada.

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Shipping and Handling to Canada is $35.99 per package. Fruit only packages are available for Canadian shipping.

    We now ship to all provinces of Canada:

    No expedited shipping services are available for Canada.

    *Last Shipment to Canada - April 11th

    Do you ship to Europe?

    At this time we no longer offer shipments to Europe. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    For all other questions please refer to the Help links located at the top and bottom of any page or call us at 877-SEND-FLA.