FloridaOrange® is located in the heart of central Florida, where the best citrus in the world is grown. Our unique combination of sandy soil, high annual rainfall, and sunny weather allow us and Mother Nature to grow Florida citrus that is both delicious and rare.

Fresh citrus that arrives within days of being picked off the tree is a special treat that few people get to experience. We take pride in assuring our customers that every piece of Florida citrus we ship has been hand-selected, hand-packed and delivered directly to your door - ripe and ready to eat!

Order from FloridaOrange® for the great taste of Florida citrus and citrus confections. Customer satisfaction and product quality are always are our top priorities. That's why every gift we ship carries our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Email: support@floridaorange.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 547262 - Orlando, FL - 32854-7262