Florida Petite Sweet Baby Bells Make Great Gift for Pregnant or New Mom

baby honeybells

Cute as can be, Petite Sweet Honeybells are the perfect gift to celebrate a pregnancy or surprise a new mom. Darling miniature versions of their big brothers, Baby Bells have the same honey-sweet flavor and superior juiciness of our popular full-size Florida Honeybells. Packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, our Petite Sweet Scarlet Navels or Petite Sweets Club Plan is the perfect gift for your favorite new mom or mom-to-be. A gift of fresh-picked Florida Honeybells sends a delicious message of love, support and good health — and our cute little Baby Bells add a touch of charming whimsy to a gift that is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

In addition to being rich in vitamin C and potassium, Florida citrus fruit is an excellent source of folate, a B vitamin that may help reduce the risk of certain birth defects. Eaten whole, fresh Florida citrus fruit is also a valuable source of soluble fiber which aids digestion. Best of all, Baby Bells are a delicious way for mothers-to-be and new moms to get the extra nutritional boost they need.

If you’re planning to host a shower for the new mom-to-be, order an extra box or two of Baby Bells. Use them in table decorations or to anchor place cards. Clothe them in tiny diapers fashioned from triangles of cloth pinned together with diaper pins; or sit Baby Bells in doll-size rocking chairs; or fill a small cradle with Baby Bells and invite guests to take a few home.

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