Florida Citrus Baskets Make Great -- and Healthy -- College Care Packages

College is a huge milestone in a child's life. On their own for the first time, college students struggle to stay on top of classes, make friends, adjust to a new environment, navigate the social scene and cope with a thousand other "new things" that make the college experience both exciting and nerve-wracking.

As your child's weekly (daily?) phone calls and Facebook updates probably indicate, college days are filled with dizzying ups and downs. When life seems like a churning sea, receiving a care package from home is like an anchor in the storm. A taste of home, a care package filled with special treats reminds your college student that love and support are just a phone call away.

Instead of contributing to the "freshman 15," send your college student our healthy Florida Fruit Sampler or Old Field Crate. Available in a variety of sizes, both are packed with nutritious Florida  oranges, sweet Florida Ruby Red grapefruit and juicy Florida fall tangerines. For a special treat (semester exams are looming on the horizon!), consider sending your collegiate a deluxe basket or crate. Our deluxe gifts include delectable goodies such as Orange Blossom Honey, Coconut Patties and Florida jellies.

Surprise your college student with periodic care package from Florida Orange. To save 10% off all your Florida Orange orders, enter the coupon code "blog" when you checkout.

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