Florida Citrus Bundt Cakes Make Holidays Delicious

Key Lime CakeRemember holidays in your grandmother’s kitchen? For days before the holidays, her kitchen would be filled with the delicious aroma of fresh baked goods. At holiday time, your grandmother’s kitchen became a magical place where flour dusted the counters and the scent of cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate hung in the air. If you were lucky, you would be given a spoon and allowed to stir the cake batter. But the best part was licking the spoon while your grandmother popped another goodie into the oven.

As the first of the year-end holidays draws near, we feel pressured to recapture the nostalgic memories of our youth. But let’s face it; between work, the kids’ carpools, grocery shopping, cleaning before visitors arrive, and cooking the turkey, who has time to bake these days? The holidays call for special treats, but carving a baking day out of your hectic schedule (if you even know how to bake!) just isn’t going to happen.

Not to worry, delicious Florida citrus bundt cakes offer the perfect solution. As rich and moist as the cakes your grandmother used to bake, Dockside Key Lime Bundt Cakes are made with premium ingredients and guaranteed to taste as good as they look. Another fine choice is the Dockside Mini Sampler which includes Key Lime, Sunrise Orange, Double Chocolate Chip, Island Rum, Captain's Chocolate Chip, Calypso Coconut, Cabana Banana Nut and Key Largo Lemon. Impress your holiday guests; order your holiday bundt cakes today!

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