Florida Citrus Gifts Help Keep College Students Alert During Finals

If you have a college student in your family, he is probably logging extra hours at the library and burning the midnight oil to finish term papers and study for final exams before the end of the fall school term. Exam weeks are stressful times for college students. As much as 50% of the term grade can ride on a single paper or test resulting in a lot of stressful late nights. To keep energy high and let your kids know you're rooting for them, why not send your college student a Florida citrus gift basket during exam week?

In a time-honored tradition, many parents send exam-week care packages to their collegiate children. Usually heavy on candy bars and cookies, care package treats may taste good but won't help your child succeed. The sugars and carbohydrates in candy and cookies provide a quick but short energy rush that will leave your college student feeling doubly exhausted once the sugary effects wear off. A care package filled with fresh, juicy Florida oranges or Florida tangerines will give your college student a healthy, long-lasting energy boost to help him stay alert while studying and maintain his focus during exams. And the healthy dose of vitamin C and beneficial antioxidants in Florida citrus fruit will help your college student fight stress and stay healthy during all those late-night study sessions.

Order a healthy and nutritious Florida citrus gift basket for your hard-working college student today on FloridaOrange.com.

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