Florida Crimson Grapefruit: The Star of Grapefruit Family

crimson grapefruit

The pink blush on the bright yellow rind of Florida Crimson Grapefruit offers only a hint of the luscious, surprisingly deep red flesh inside. Three times more colorful than Florida’s popular Ruby Red Grapefruit, Florida Crimsons are plump, seedless and bursting with flavorful juice. Sweeter and just a touch more acidic than Ruby Reds, Florida Crimson Grapefruit exhibit the perfect combination of sweet and tart and are renowned for their classic grapefruit flavor.

Outstanding flavor and their flaming red color make Florida Crimson Grapefruit a mealtime star. A stunning addition to fresh fruit salads and Oriental or Asian cuisine, their bold color and robust flavor make Florida Crimsons an excellent choice for homemade marmalades and chutneys. For a dramatic mealtime presentation that is sure to impress, garnish fish, pork or poultry platters with colorful Crimson Grapefruit slices.

Florida Crimson Grapefruit are nutritional stars too. Like all fresh Florida citrus fruit, grapefruit are low in calories and contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol. All citrus fruit are also excellent sources of vitamin C and contain numerous other essential nutrients, but the deep red color of Florida Crimson Grapefruit packs an additional health-boosting punch.

The nutritional rule of thumb is: the darker a fruit’s flesh color, the higher its nutrient content. With the darkest flesh in the citrus world, Florida Crimson Grapefruit are extraordinarily rich in nutrients that promote a healthy immune system and help the body fight disease. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Florida Crimsons offer the following health benefits:

• Helps protect against coronary artery disease by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides;

• Helps decrease stroke risk by reducing plaque build-up in blood vessels;

• Aids blood pressure regulation which can help prevent high blood pressure;

• Helps regulate insulin and prevent blood sugar spikes after eating, aiding diabetes management;

• Stimulates the production of white blood cells, boosting your immune system’s ability to fight off infection, disease and cancer.

Give your body a healthy boost; enjoy sweet, juicy Florida Crimson Grapefruit.

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