Florida Grapefruit Are Weight-Watcher Superfood

florida grapefruit

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, adding a serving of sweet, juicy to every meal can help you reach your target weight more quickly. Eating half a grapefruit at the beginning of every meal can help you lose up to a pound a week, even if you’re not counting calories!

Like black beans, brown rice and salmon, Florida grapefruit are one of nature’s superfoods. The super heroes of the food world, superfoods are touted by nutritionists for their superior ability to help prevent chronic disease, build bones, improve eyesight, retain mental acuity and maintain healthy weight. Florida grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate and potassium and contain other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are important to good health.

For weight-watchers, sweet and juicy Florida grapefruit are a guilt-free low-fat, no cholesterol, low sodium treat. A good source of protein, Florida grapefruit have a high water content (hence their delicious juiciness). When eaten at the beginning of a meal, half a Florida grapefruit (only 42 calories) helps fill you up so you eat less. Try these ideas for adding Florida grapefruit to your diet plan:

  • Top a grapefruit half with a sprinkle of blueberries.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by mixing sections of succulent Florida Ruby Red grapefruit with super-sweet Florida Honeybells.
  • For a healthy salad, section half a grapefruit and toss meat with fresh spinach leaves and slivered almonds. Squeeze grapefruit juice over salad in lieu of dressing.

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