Florida Orange Packing Houses

Florida Orange Packing Houses

Florida is known for its oranges, which are grown in abundance throughout the state. After the oranges are harvested, they are sent to packing houses, where they are sorted, cleaned, packaged, and shipped to consumers around the world. Here's a closer look at how Florida orange packing houses operate.

  1. Sorting: When the oranges arrive at the packing house, they are first sorted by size and quality. This is typically done using a machine that can quickly separate oranges based on their weight and other characteristics.

  2. Cleaning: Once the oranges have been sorted, they are cleaned to remove any dirt, debris, or other impurities. This is done using high-pressure water jets and brushes that scrub the oranges to ensure they are clean and ready for packaging.

  3. Packaging: After the oranges have been sorted and cleaned, they are packaged into boxes or bags. This is typically done by hand, with workers carefully placing each orange into the packaging to ensure it is protected during shipping.

  4. Shipping: Once the oranges have been packaged, they are loaded onto trucks and shipped to retailers around the world. Some oranges are sold directly to consumers at farmers' markets or other retail outlets, while others are used to make orange juice, jams, and other products.

  5. By-Products: Packing houses also produce a variety of by-products, including pulp and orange oil. Pulp is often sold to companies that make orange juice, while orange oil is used in a variety of applications, including food flavorings, fragrances, and cleaning products.

In conclusion, Florida orange packing houses play a critical role in the citrus industry, helping to ensure that high-quality oranges reach consumers around the world. From sorting and cleaning to packaging and shipping, every step of the process is essential to producing delicious and nutritious oranges that are enjoyed by millions of people each year.

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