How Long Can Fresh Florida Oranges, Grapefruit Be Stored?

Florida Oranges, GrapefruitSome of our customers would love to order a bushel or two of our fresh, juicy Florida navel oranges or sweet Florida Ruby Red grapefruit, but hesitate to order large quantities of fresh Florida citrus fruit out of concern that the fruit may spoil before they can eat it all. Obviously, no one wants a single luscious Florida orange or grapefruit to go to waste!

Making multiple Florida Orange orders and spacing them several weeks apart is one way to solve the problem and ensure that you always have plenty of good-eating fresh Florida citrus fruit on hand. But ordering in larger quantities is admittedly easier and will save you a few pennies. (To save 10% on Florida Orange orders, enter the coupon code "blog" at checkout.)

To ensure that your order arrives at the peak of freshness, we ship our premium Florida citrus fruit in climate-controlled trucks to the post office that corresponds to the recipient's shipping zip code. Local mail carriers then deliver your order to the recipient's home.

When you receive your Florida citrus order, we recommend storing the fruit in a cool place at about 45 degrees F. which will keep it fresh for 2 to 3 weeks. If available, storage in a cool room is preferable to placing your fruit in a refrigerator as automatic air recycling can cause the fruit to dry out a bit.

To determine how much fruit to order, use the information on packing sizes available on our Customer Care page.

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