Make New Year's Gift of Florida Honeybells

Florida HoneybellsIf you're one of those last minute holiday shoppers who dash frantically through the mall on Christmas Eve grabbing whatever is left so you'll have something to wrap up and put under the tree, take a deep breath. This is one time when your procrastinating ways may actually pay off. Fabulous Florida honeybells, the star of the Florida citrus grove, are only available during the month of January. With a little chutzpah and a card you can probably sell the idea that you planned to send a late gift because your (parents, in-laws, brother, boss, favorite client, best friend, grandmother) deserve only the very best citrus treat that Florida has to offer. Anything less than sweet, juicy Florida honeybells simply wouldn't be worthy of the high esteem in which you hold your favorite (relative, sibling, customer, friend, co-worker).

With a smile on your face, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief and explain -- quite honestly -- that Florida honeybells are such a special treat and require such precise growing conditions that they are only available for a short time each year during the month of January. It simply wasn't possible, you'll confide with a sincere smile, to have your gift delivered by the holidays; so you decided to send a New Year's gift instead. And, you'll assure them truthfully, the wait will be well worth it because Florida honeybells will be the best Florida citrus fruit they've ever tasted!

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