More Florida Citrus Favorites Coming into Season Soon!

florida oranges


The Florida citrus season is in full swing with more of your favorite varieties scheduled to come into season over the next few months. You still have one more month to enjoy Florida navel oranges. We’ll still be shipping America’s favorite eating orange into January, but don’t wait too long to place your order as the navel orange season started early this year and may end earlier than expected. Our sweet Florida Ruby Red grapefruit and Florida Marsh White grapefruit are expected to be available into April or May.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s coming up. Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss your favorites or, better yet, place your orders with today and we’ll ship your order as soon as your selections come into season.

  • Florida Honeybells: These super-sweet tangelos are only available in January so place your order now.
  • Florida Temple oranges: A seeded hybrid of mandarin and sweet oranges that is only available in February, temple oranges are a sweet, juicy eating orange with a thick, shiny reddish-orange skin.
  • Florida Honey Tangerines: Only available in February, a zipper skin and honey-sweet flavor make honey tangerines a snacking and lunchbox favorite.
  • Florida Valencia oranges: America’s favorite juicing orange, Valencias are available from March through May.

To make sure you receive the first pick of the season, order your favorite Florida citrus fruit on now. To receive a 10% discount off your order, enter the coupon code “blog” at checkout.

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