No Time to Bake? Order Delicious Florida Citrus Treats

bakingWho bakes anymore? And, even if you enjoy baking, who has time to spend a day in the kitchen when there are so many things to take care before Christmas? Psychologists say the key to enjoying the holidays and decreasing holiday stress is to pare down your to-do list. Adding a baking day to your already hectic holiday schedule just ratchets stress up another notch!

BUT, your guilty conscious nags, cookies and Christmas go together. What is Christmas without cookies to nibble on while your sit around the Christmas tree sipping cocoa? Christmas morning won't be the same without a slice of delicious bundt cake to go with your coffee. Give your guilty conscious a rest and order delectable holiday bakery treats from Florida Orange.

      • Docksire Sampler Can't decide your favorite Key's tropical flavor? Try all eight! The Sampler lets you taste all! Sample one each of the Key Lime, Sunrise Orange, Double Chocolate Chip, Island Rum, Captain's Chocolate Chip, Calypso Coconut, Cabana Banana Nut and Key Largo Lemon. Each mini bundt cake is individually wrapped and boxed for your enjoyment!
      • Key Lime Bundt Cakes Rich and luscious, our moist Florida Orange bundt cakes add a touch of elegance to holiday brunches and make a wonderful light dessert. For an elegant dessert presentation, add a dollop of whipped cream topped with a Florida Orange slice.
      • Coconut Quartet You'll receive four 6-piece boxes packaged in one gift box - a total of 24 coconutty treats! A classic Florida confection that everyone loves.

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