Ortaniques Add Caribbean Spice to Florida Citrus


Exceptionally juicy and delicious with a sweet, rich flavor, Florida Ortaniques add a dash of Caribbean spice to the  family. Bright orange in color and wonderfully aromatic, Ortaniques originally appeared in Jamaica and were brought to the U.S. in the mid-1940s. According to Jamaican folklore, the Ortanique was the creation of two love birds; one living in an orange tree, the other in a tangerine tree. The love birds flew together, dropping to the earth a seed from each tree to create a new home they could both share. The tree that grew from their love produced a unique fruit that combined the best characteristics of both oranges and tangerines, earning it a name as unique as its fruit: ORange + TANgerine + unIQUE.

Florida Ortaniques are a cross between Florida Valencia oranges and Florida tangerines. They combine the sweet juiciness of Valencia oranges, America’s favorite juicing orange, with the easy-eating and honey-sweet flavor of Florida tangerines. Like their tangerine parent, Ortaniques are easy to peel and section, making this specialty citrus fruit a delicious choice for out-of-hand snacking. Easy sectioning and exceptional flavor also make Florida Ortaniques a popular choice with cooks for tossing into salads or adding to stir fries and other dishes. The fruit’s exceptional juiciness and distinctive flavor have made Ortaniques a juicing favorite and a preferred choice for flavoring cakes and baked goods.

Florida Ortaniques have the same nutritional benefits of oranges which are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. Packed with vitamin C and other essential nutrients, Florida Ortaniques are low in calories, high in fiber and completely cholesterol- and salt-free; making them an excellent choice for weight watchers. Like oranges, Ortaniques also contain significant antioxidant properties which can offer protection against disease and cancer.


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