Solve Entertainment Dilemmas with Florida Key Lime Bundt Cakes, Chocolate Nut Trio

Florida Key Lime cakes When we think of Christmas, we think nostalgically of pretty cookies and luscious cakes and delicious scents wafting from the kitchen. Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend a week playing Mrs. Claus and fill our holiday homes with plates of delicious home-baked goodies? Of course it would, but who has the time?

When work, home and children already take up every hour of the day; it's hard enough to find time for tree trimming, shopping, gift-wrapping, holiday decorating and everything else we love about the holidays. In the real world, holiday baking often gets pushed to the end of the to-do list; and we wind up settling for store-bought when we run out of time.

The stress of trying to do it all to create the perfect holiday can drain the joy right out of Christmas. Psychologists remind us that sometimes less is more. By deleting holiday chores from our to-do list, we have more time to enjoy the holidays and focus on what's important -- spending time together with our Family and Friends.

If baking has never been at the top of your holiday must-do list, don't even bother to preheat your oven. Order luscious Florida Key Lime cakes or a Gourmet Chocolate Nut Trio Holiday Tin from Florida Orange to share with holiday guests. Our rich, moist Dockside bundt cakes will earn rave reviews from your guests; and our cookies and biscuits bring a sweet burst of citrus sunshine to winter gatherings.

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