Tangerines Are For Healthy Snacking

Tangerines, also known as mandarins, are a type of citrus fruit that are grown in many areas of the world, including Florida.

In Florida, tangerines are typically grown in the central and southern parts of the state, where the climate is warm and humid. The peak season for tangerine production in Florida is typically from November to April.

Tangerines grown in Florida are known for their sweet and juicy flesh, and are often used in salads, desserts, and as a snack. Some popular varieties of tangerines grown in Florida include the Honey tangerine, the Murcott tangerine, and the Fallglo tangerine.

Tangerine growers in Florida have to pay attention to the citrus greening disease and hurricanes which can be a threat to the crop.

Florida tangerines are also available in grocery stores and farmers markets throughout the state and can also be shipped nationwide.

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