'Unzip' the Flavor of Florida Fall Tangerines

fall glo tangerinesWith a zipper-like skin that peels off in a flash, sweet Florida Fall Tangerines are the perfect addition to school lunchboxes and brown bag lunches. These easy-to-peel Florida citrus favorites "unzip" into juicy segments that allow no-mess eating, making Florida Fall Tangerines the perfect choice for on-the-go snacking.

Related to mandarin oranges, fresh Florida Fall Tangerines have a unique and delicious flavor that is lighter and sweeter than the more robust flavor of Florida oranges. Like Florida oranges, Florida Fall Tangerines are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene. Florida tangerines also contain beneficial B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, lutein and zeaxanthin (for good eye health), and cancer and disease-fighting antioxidants. Florida Fall Tangerines are a recommended food in diets that promote heart health, cancer prevention, diabetes control, weight control and general good health.

Cultivated in China and Japan for more than 3,000 years, tangerines first arrived in Europe in the early 1800s and in the U.S. not long afterwards. Florida is now the top producer of tangerines in the U.S. Delicious Florida Fall Tangerines have a short growing season and are only available for a limited time (November-December), so order plenty and enjoy them while you can!

Get ready to "unzip" the sweet, juicy goodness of Florida Fall Tangerines. Florida Fall Tangerines start shipping the week of November 7th, so place your order today! Save 10% off your Florida citrus order from Florida Orange by entering the coupon code "blog" when you check out.

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