Festive Farmhouse Tub

SKU: 519 (approx. 6 Navels, 3 Red Grapefruit + Candy)


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Festive Farmhouse Tub


Warm Wishes


Our genuine planter-style tin tub is brimming with all the good things the holidays have to offer. Navel Oranges, plump Ruby Red Grapefruit, a Florida chocolate assortment, Marmalade and a nougat-filled pecan log. The arrangement is accented with hard fruit hard candies. When the goodies are gone, the festively patterned tub is a wonderful, decorative piece. Such an impressive gift!

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Florida Fudge Assortment, Marmalade, Nougat filled Pecan Roll & Fruit hard candies.


Available mid-November thru December