Red and White Duo

SKU: 1NS (approx. 6 Navels & 6 Scarlet Navels)


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Size: 1 Tray Navels & Scarlet Navels
1 Tray Navels & Scarlet Navels
2 Trays Navels & Scarlet Navels
3 Trays Navels & Scarlet Navels
4 Trays Navels & Scarlet Navels

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IN SEASON: 12-22-23 to 04-9-24

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Red and White Duo

If You Love Navel Oranges..these two are for you.

Our traditional Golden Navel Oranges are paired with our vibrant Scarlet Navels creating a sensational red and white combo that won't make you "blue".

Available mid-December thru mid-April