Streamline Your Holiday Season. Ship to Multiple Addresses From One Shopping Cart.

Chief OrangeThe holidays are supposed to be merry and bright, but the pressure to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your long shopping list can start to chip away at even the jolliest person's holiday cheer. If after fighting Black Friday crowds you find your inner Grinch emerging at the very thought of another day spent elbowing your way through crowded stores, a visit to is just what you need to restore your holiday spirit.

One checkout, ship to multiple addresses. Each with a Unique Gift Message

During the holiday season, time (and money) is of the essence. Florida Orange is now offering shipping to multiple addresses with one order and all within one shopping cart. That's right, you can now quickly and easily ship to multiple addresses with one order. Each with a different address. Each with a unique gift message. All in one shopping cart. offers delicious Florida Citrus gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list from Grandma to Sister Sue to Uncle Bill. With one visit to you can finish your holiday shopping in a few clicks and spend the rest of the month relaxing and enjoying the holiday festivities. When you purchase fresh, ripe, juicy Florida oranges, Florida grapefruit and Florida tangerines on, there's no wrapping or shipping to worry about. We take care of everything, including the card!

You'll find a delightful variety of Florida citrus fruit and gift baskets on Families will love the Ultimate Medley, a smorgasbord of fruit favorites, including juicy Florida Oranges, sweet Ruby Red grapefruit, crisp Red Delicious apples and creamy D'Anjou pears. Cookies, Key Lime bundt cakes, jams and honey are just a few of the other delectable Florida Citrus treats available for gift-giving. Keep your holiday spirits merry and bright; do your shopping on today.

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