What Is the Best Way to Peel a Florida Orange?

orange peel 

Juicy and delicious, Florida navel oranges are America’s most popular eating orange. In season from November through January, Florida navel oranges are at their peak during the holidays, which may be why giving and receiving Florida oranges has become a popular holiday tradition in America.

When the world is cold and gray, a bowl of bright orange Florida navel oranges is like a bowl of sunshine — the perfect antidote for the winter blues! Sweet and delicious, healthy and nutritious, Florida navel oranges are the perfect snack food. But before you can bite into the sweet, juicy flesh of a Florida orange, you have to peel it.

Everyone seems to have a favorite method for peeling oranges. Some people just jab their thumbs into the top of the orange and haul away. It may be inelegant and a little messy, but it gets the job done. Other people use a paring knife and take great pride in their ability to remove an orange peel in a single, long spiral. The basketball method is popular with some people. Using a knife, you score the peel 5 or 6 times, cutting from one end to the other, then pull off each section of peel.

But the most popular way to peel an orange is the spoon method. Slice off the peel on both ends of the orange. Work the bowl of a spoon between the peel and the orange flesh, working your way around the orange. The loosened peel pulls right off.

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