Why Us Citrus is Better than Imported Citrus

Navel Orange
Why US Citrus is Better than Imported Citrus

It is becoming more and more apparent just how important it is to consume products that are grown in or originate from the United States. Citrus makes up one fifth of all of the fruit that is consumed in the United States. While the temptation to consume imported citrus is there, make sure you are an informed consumer to understand any potential health issues.

EPA Standards

Growers in the United States adhere to standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA sets strict guidelines for which chemicals can be used in the United States for produce. Even though citrus fruits have a peel, chemicals can still be absorbed into the peel or remain on the peel, making the fruit dangerous for human consumption. EPA standards ensure that all fruit that is consumed is safe for us to eat.

Spreading Of Disease

A few agricultural diseases are spread from both citrus fruit and seeds. For example, citrus canker originated in citrus fruit that was imported from Australia. This disease is identified by lesions that appear on the leaves, twigs and fruits of citrus trees. If given a suitable environment, the disease can easily be introduced to other parts of the world.

To maintain good health for people in the United States as well as protect our own citrus trees, it is important to be cautious about importing citrus products from outside the United States. With all our products grown by local growers in Florida, you can rest assured that our citrus selections are safe and healthful for you to consume.

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